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Mission Statement

The Range Ponds Association is dedicated to protecting the water quality of Lower, Middle, and Upper Range Ponds by consistent water quality monitoring and by providing education and technical assistance to residents and municipal officials.


Share your stories

Please submit any newsy stories and photos about the lake, that you may have, that we would all want to read. Please join the Range Ponds Association Our annual dues are only $35.00 which helps with aid from the state concerning clean water, milfoil and any other lake concerns. Our annual meeting is always the last Sunday in July. Everyone is Welcome! Please contact RPA Thank you for your support!

History of the Range Ponds Association

The RPA was loosely formed 1978 to create an organization that would collectively look after our precious lakes. Shortly after organizing, there was a threat from a large developer that was going to put a hundred units on Upper Range Pond while trying to skirt the environmental concerns for such a large development on this small body of water. The RPA was successful in stopping that, doing much to preserve the lake environment.

Another major battle was to prevent jet skis on the lakes, which were huge polluters (two-cycle motors, PVC's, stirring up water on sensitive areas). The state did not allow much time to deal with the issue but the RPA managed to get both Poland and New Gloucester to agree and it was voted and passed.

The RPA also coordinated various state agencies, the town and Marcal Paper to repair the dam at the bottom of Lower Range Pond and have the town take over ownership of it.

The Range Ponds Association is YOU and all of us who live within the twelve and one half square miles that make up the Range Ponds Watershed. The RPEA was originally formed by concerned neighbors who were committed to protecting the water quality of all three ponds. Today the RPA is made up of four Board members and four Directors who are dedicated to fulfilling this mission.

Daily actions we take can inadvertently add to lake pollution. Lawn care, pets and animals, washing vehicles, growing crops, fertilizers, clearing land, installing beaches all negatively impact the ponds but you can minimize or negate that impact by changing your habits . The good news is that our water quality is still very good BUT our lakes get stressed in the summer.

Please become part of the RPA and help us all protect the ponds we love so much. The vast majority of your annual dues and any donations go to the cost of testing the ponds' water quality. If we discover a negative trend, we can ask the state for help, so it is imperative that we continue to test the waters!


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