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The Range Ponds

(Upper, Middle and Lower Range Ponds)

Area: Upper, 391 acres: Maximum depth 38 feet

Middle, 366 acres: Maximum depth 66 feet

Lower, 290 acres: Maximum depth 41 feet

Fishes: here we go, lake trout, brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, white perch, yellow perch, pickerel, hornpout, smelt, eel, white sucker, sunfish.

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

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The name of these important fishing lakes are in heavily populated Cumberland and Androscoggin Counties, is pronounced "rang." 

Upper and Middle Range offer an excellent variety of warm water species. The rocky shores harbor good numbers of small mouths, and catches of thirty per day have been recorded. Both Middle and Upper have larger than average white perch. They can be caught on calm summer evenings, using silver spinners and worms or number 6 marabou streamers. The marsh on the south end of Middle Range yields good pickerel catches, especially on over cast days. Middle Range has a native population of tongue, however, Middle Range and Upper Range are heavily fished thru the ice, and there aren't many lake trout to go around. Lower has little to offer other than pickerel, and there is a 10 horse power limit on that pond. Ice will be out by April 20th. The shore lines are heavily developed here. The hills are covered with hardwoods.

Water Town Bass Access
Lower Range Pond Poland S&L Bass state park (no motors greater than 10hp)
Middle Range Pond Poland S&L Bass Cyndi's Dockside Restaurant (fee)
Upper Range Pond Poland S&L Bass State Ramp at Causeway, Upper Range Pond 

nadeau Edward Nadeau caught this 3.3 lb. rainbow trout on Middle Range Pond in Poland on January 9, 2005.
Tyler Morse (4.2 lb. brown trout),David Gray (4.4 lb. brown trout), and Mason Lovett (2.7 lb. rainbow trout), all caught on Middle Range Pond in Poland on January 9, 2005.
massey Greg Massey of Poland won the Range Ponds fishing derby with this 9.1 lb lake trout caught on Middle Range Pond in Poland.