Annual Events

 • 4th of July Boat Parade

 • Fourth of July Details

 • Volunteers Welcome! Please contact RPA

 • Annual meeting -

        (always last Sunday in July)

Current Board of Directors

(minimum of three and maximum of fifteen members)


President (expires 2018)
Upper, (expires 2017)

Ann Gagne

Vice-President (expires 2018)
Upper, (expires 2017)

Robert Limoges

Treasurer (expires 2017)
Middle (expires 2018)

Sandy Moreau

Secretary (expires 2017)
Upper,(expires 2017)

Ann Gagne (temp. - one year)
Upper, expires 2017 Jeanne Fifield
Middle, expires 2018 Jeanne Radziszewski
Middle, expires 2018 Joe Radziszewski
Middle, expires 2018 Lynne Richard
Middle, expires 2019 Carole Testergrose
Board Members serve three year terms and
officers are elected every year.
To contact the RPA Board of Directors,

Board members serve for a three year term


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